Events and Programs

Join Gary Zukav on the Ultimate Men’s Summit Teleconference

Friday, June 17 • 5pm – 6pm Pacific Standard Time

Join Gary Zukav as he discusses Spiritual Partnership: The Journey to Authentic Power for Men of the 21st Century!

This unprecedented virtual event calls forth men from around the world to explore the new nature of masculinity in relationships, in families, and at work. Listen to more than seventy accomplished spiritual explorers speak about their views of masculinity, and see how Gary fits the New Male and Spiritual Partnership into this unfolding picture.

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Gary Zukav and Linda Francis
at Celebrate Your Life!

Conference in Chicago, Illinois

June 11 – June 13, 2011

How To Be Your Own
Spiritual Coach

A 90-minute conversation Gary Zukav

Saturday, June 11, 2011, 4:30 – 6pm

Whether you have a coach, are a coach, or have never had a coach, this mini workshop will give you to the keys to personal mastery. Learn how to recognize healthy blissful parts of your personality and painful destructive parts. It is not as obvious as you might think. Then learn how to live your life using the healthy parts and not act on destructive parts that will create pain until you do something about them. Take your life into your own hands, and open yourself to an expanded awareness of who you are. See what happens when you experiment with your creative capacity consciously. See what happens when you do not. Then choose for yourself the life you intend to create. Results are guaranteed, provided you do your part.

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Deep Equality

A 90-minute conversation Gary Zukav

Sunday, June 12, 2011, 10:30am – 12pm

Who are you equal to? Who are you not equal to? How do you know? Is there equality in your intimate relations? Is there equality in your family? Can you become equal? Do you want to? Equality is more than it appears to be. Exploring it takes you deep into the spiritual realm. It is a journey into the meaning of your life and the way you are using it. Prepare for a completely new look at equality and what it means in your life. You may be in for some surprises. Join Gary Zukav in this profound, revealing, and enlightening mini-workshop that could change your life in ways you never expected.

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Relationships & the Spiritual Path:
Using All Your Relationships to Grow Spiritually

One-Day Workshop with Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Monday, June 13, 2011 9am – 4pm

Gary Zukav and Linda Francis show you how to change all your relationships (parents, children, coworkers, spouse) into partnerships between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. When you grow spiritually you create relationships of substance and depth. Gary and Linda show experientially you how to use all your relationships to grow spiritually and how to transform all your interactions into the most meaningful possible. Learn to use your emotions, including painful emotions such as anger, jealousy, anxiety, and vengefulness to develop humbleness, clarity, forgiveness, and love.

This workshop shows you how to bring commitment, courage, compassion, and conscious communication and action into all your relationships and how to use your emotions, choices, intuition, and joy. If you want to create or deepen your relationships but are sometimes swept away by destructive emotions, such as anger, jealousy, vengefulness, and fear, this workshop is a must for you. Couples, individuals, families, and friends will find it a revolutionary opportunity to change their relationships forever.

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