Soul Awakening

Exercise 7

Practicing with My Friends

Spiritual partners bond as deeply as friends, but their bond serves a different purpose—the creation of authentic power.

Friendships and spiritual partnerships are both vehicles for reaching out in love and caring. However, when a friend experiences difficulties, her friends usually attempt to make her feel better.

For example, when a friend loses a job, we tend to sympathize, give advice, and offer help.

Spiritual partners, on the other hand, support one another to experience what they are feeling, identify frightened parts of their personalities, and clarify their intentions.

Like friends, spiritual partners discuss children, health, jobs, and family, but they do it from a different perspective. They look for what they can learn about themselves in order to challenge fear and cultivate love.

This is the basic difference between a friendship and a spiritual partnership.

Friends help one another change what triggers them, and spiritual partners help one another change what is triggered.

When you practice spiritual partnership, you will discover that some of your friends will naturally want to become spiritual partners with you.

Friends exercise

Make a list of your friends.

Put a P next to those you want to Practice spiritual partnership with first.

Begin to practice with these friends using the script in Exercise 4.

After you complete this practice, write what you discover about yourself below.