Soul Awakening

Exercise 1

Becoming Open to Creating Spiritual Partnership

Before inviting anyone to practice Spiritual Partnership, go though the following six steps:

1. Considering whether I am open or closed

First ask yourself, “Am I interested in creating authentic power or pursuing external power?” If it’s external power, then you can go no further. If so, choose a time to start when you are more open. If you are open, then…

2. Feeling my energy centers

Check your energy centers for physical sensations. The next step is to become familiar with how your body feels. What sensations are you feeling in your throat right now? For example, does it feel warm, relaxed, tight, or constricted? If your throat feels warm or relaxed, and these are pleasing sensations, then a loving part of your personality is active. If your throat feels tight or constricted, and these are unpleasant or painful sensations, then a frightened part of your personality is active.

3. Checking my intention

Now take a moment to check your intention. Is your intention loving or do you have a second agenda? A second agenda includes wanting to control others, for example, make them wrong, push them away, or have them agree with you.

4. Making a responsible choice

Check to see if your choice is to create a healthy and constructive relationship. If you feel your intention is loving, then…

5. Consulting my intuition

Ask yourself, “What is the best way to do this?” Listen for your answer and then….

6. Letting go of expectations

Detach from any outcome. This will help you be truly in the moment.

If you find you are attached to an outcome, repeat this process.

When you complete this exercise, write what you discover about yourself below.