Soul Awakening

Exercise 3

Becoming the Force in My Life

For this practice select a situation in which you are feeling angry or jealous. Maybe you have been holding a grudge.

Follow these steps:

1. Stop.

2. Notice where you feel uncomfortable sensations in your body. Are they in your throat, chest, or solar plexus, or other energy centers?

3. Use the Authentic Power BodyScanner to mouse over the energy centers where you feel sensations and click until you see what you feel.

4. While you are feeling these uncomfortable sensations, consult intuition for guidance.

5. What is intuition showing you? Take your time with this step.

6. Now choose what you want to do.

Every time you ask for guidance, you receive it.
Every time you ask yourself, “What is my motivation?”
you ask the Universe, “Help me to see,” and help comes.
—Gary Zukav

The Seat of the Soul

Every time you do this practice, write how you were guided by intuition and the choice that you made. Use the box below to record your experiences.