Soul Awakening

Exercise 5

Experiencing and Understanding My Emotions

Identify a part, or a few parts of your personality, that you are aware of and that are definitely not interested in creating authentic power, such as a part that is angry, jealous, resentful, or needs to please. Focus now on one of these parts. Remember the last time you felt that way—that this part of your personality was active—and then stop. Imagine yourself not acting the way you usually would, or the way that you did then.

For example, if you usually shout when you are angry, imagine yourself not shouting. If you withdraw emotionally when you are jealous, imagine yourself not withdrawing emotionally. Imagine yourself instead focusing your attention in your body on your energy processing centers.

See if you can detect any uncomfortable sensations, such as aching, stabbing, burning, throbbing, or pressure.

Do you feel anything in your solar plexus?

Or your chest?

Or your throat?

Emotional awareness is relaxing into the present moment,
even when that moment contains painful emotions.
—Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

The Heart of the Soul

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