Awakening to Spiritual Partnership

Chapter Three: “Deepening Emotional Awareness”

Live from the heart of love!

“Emotional awareness is relaxing into the present moment, even when that moment contains painful emotions.

—Gary Zukav & Linda Francis

Learning to experience and understand your emotions gives you the information that you need to change how you live your life. Emotional awareness tells you when the loving and fearful parts of your personality are active. You will learn how to recognize the fearful parts that will create painful and destructive consequences if you follow them and the loving parts that will create healthy and constructive consequences if you follow them.

Do you find yourself getting angry over small (or big) things?

Do you hold on to resentments and never really move on?

Does your life feel like an ongoing drama that is out of control?

If so, developing emotional awareness is the perfect next step for you.
In this chapter “Deepening Emotional Awareness,” you will practice experiencing your emotions and learning from them. Emotional awareness will enable you to consciously choose what you will do. This is at the heart of creating authentic power.

Feel your emotions so that you can make different choices!