Our Site Credits

A Very Special Co-Creation

This online engagement system has been a labor of love, a co-creation between the Seat of the Soul Institute and HoloCosmos.


Under the leadership of Brooks Cole, CEO and Designer Extraordinaire at HoloCosmos, this online vision for assisting people across the world in creating authentic power and spiritual partnership has really just begun. This dynamic site, the insightful videos, and rich media, interactive online courses co-created with Brooks, his incredibly talented HoloCosmos team, and Gary and Linda will continue to grow and evolve. We look forward to the transformation and our spiritual adventure together! To learn more, go to www.holocosmos.com.

Photos of Gary Zukav and Linda Francis

Many of the delightful photos of Gary and Linda that you find throughout this site were taken by Christopher Briscoe. He is truly a master in his profession, and someone who knows how to bring out the playful, as well as the serious, nature of people. What’s even better? Christopher lives in our hometown of Ashland, Oregon (USA), and we can visit him any time at his studio. Who knows what creative images he will capture next?! For more information, go to www.chrisbriscoe.com.