The private section of seatofthesoul.com is only for participants in the Authentic Power Program. We are really excited to offer it to you. You will download your Life Lessons from here and be able to stay connected with your Spiritual Partners in the program through the Message Board.

You will also be able to refer to the following important information:

• Responsibilities as an Authentic Power Program Participant
• Information about Life Lessons
• Information about Conference Calls
• Schedule of Events and Conference Calls

Your user name and password will automatically insure that you are given the right information; for example, Year One participants will only see Year One Life Lessons.

Confidentiality is important to maintain whether at an event or on this private site.

• Do not give your user name or password to anyone.
• If anyone obtains your username and or password, let us know immediately.
• Sharing in this private section of seatofthesoul.com is protected with the same rigorous standards of confidentiality as sharing at an event.
• Giving anyone else your user name or password, including other participants, will result in your being asked to leave the program.

Conference call dial-in information will be emailed to you a week in advance of each call.

Enjoy exploring the ways this private site can support you!